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  Wall Street Journal Online Story

by Joel Millman,Wall Street Journal
Published on March 25, 2010
Photos by Leah Nash
Published March 25, 2010

KING TV5 Evening Magazine Online Story

Tribute band remembers those in internment camps
by Saint Bryan / Evening Magazine
Published May 6, 2010

Hillsboro Argus/Oregonlive.com

Washington County Museum-Free Museum Day

 “Taken: FBI,” organized by the Oregon Nikkei Endowment of Portland
September 24, 2011

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Photos by Rich Iwasaki

National Museum Day

Museum free day features Minidoka Swing Band

by JoAnn Boatwright, The Hillsboro Argus
Published September 23, 2011 

Museum Day Features Minidoka Swing Band 

Portland Chapter JACL

Seattle NVC Foundation Memorial Wall

by Ellen Banner / Seattle Times
Published September 5, 2010

Pacific Citizen Online Story

bby Christine McFadden, Special to the Pacific Magazine
 PPublished May 12, 2010y

Minidoka Swing Band Facebook page

Minidoka Swing Band Blogspot

Minidoka Swing Band is excited to be a part of this KEET-TV project funded by a grant from the National Park Service and the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program to create:

"J.A. JIVE: Swing Music in the Japanese American Internment Camps":

An Intimate Dinner with George Takei

On February 19, 2011 the Minidoka Swing Band was honored to play at the ONE reception for "An Intimate Dinner with George Takei" at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel. I have included a very nice email I received from George regarding the evening:
"Dear Laura,
I was transported to my boyhood imprisoned in two U.S. internment camps at that memorable evening two weekends ago at the reception for the Oregon Nikkei Endowment. Our barrack was just across the way from the mess hall at both camps. So, one of my cherished memories from those years is that of the music that wafted over on Saturday nights from the mess hall after my mother put us to bed.
The music of the 40’s that I heard from the Minidoka Swing Band sounded so familiar and sweet. That was the music of my boyhood. That was the sound that I loved. And it was brought back to me so marvelously that evening in Portland. My appreciation and gratitude goes to those talented musicians for keeping a dulcet part of a dark experience so melodically alive.

My thanks to you and the talented musicians for the great work that you are doing.
Warm regards,
George Takei"

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Minidoka Swing Band Pays Tribute to Internment Tunes
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Photos by Rich Iwasaki