MSB Formation

The Portland-based Minidoka Swing Band was formed in September 2007, as a tribute to Japanese Americans interned during World War II and to highlight the music popular in the Internment Camps. Affiliation: the Portland Japanese American Citizens League (JACL).

Non-profit 501(c)3

EIN 20-1116631

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We dedicate our band to our founder and creator, Robbie Tsuboi, 1949-2010.  She inspired us to continue being the  Minidoka Swing Band!


PHOTOS by Bruce Brown, RIP 1932-2015, our #1 "MSB Groupie"  and Rich Iwasaki, Location Photographer ... Thank you!


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A Tribute to Japanese-Americans interned during WWII. Remembering the Big Band Swing music and the entertainment it provided to Internees for those Saturday dances!

"Sharing our Heritage and Culture through Music" to communities around Oregon and beyond 2015-16




Monday, January 20, 2020

Event: MSB at the Jack London Revue

The Minidoka Swing Band performs from 7:30pm to 9:45pm


    The Jack London Revue

    529 SW 4th Ave (inside the Rialto Pool Hall)

   Portland, OR  97204

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Event: Oregon Asian Celebration and Heritage Festival

The Minidoka Swing Band performs from 5:00pm to 6:00pm


     Lane County Convention Center at Lane County Fairgrounds

      796 West 13th Avenue

    Eugene, OR   97402

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Event: Newberg Camellia Festival

The Minidoka Swing Band performs from 10:00am to 10:55am


     Chehalem Cultural Center

     415 E. Sheridan St.

     Newberg, OR  97132


Friday, September 18, 2020

The Minidoka Swing Band will be performing in Ontario, OR


     Four Rivers Cultural Center

     676 SW 5th Ave, Ontario, OR 97914  

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Featuring "The Minidoka Swing Band Song" written by Richard March and arranged by Kokichi Tagawa.

"Nihonmachi/Tokyo Boogie Woogie" featuring poetry by Lawson Inada, former Oregon Poet Laureate

Shop the Minidoka Swing Band Store at to purchace our NIHONMACHI CD.  Make a DONATION or purchase an MSB T-shirt or a MSB CD. Donations are tax deductible: Non-profit Portland JACL-EIN 201116631


An Intimate Dinner with George Takei

On February 19, 2011 the Minidoka Swing Band was honored to play at the ONE reception for "An Intimate Dinner with George Takei" at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel. I have included a very nice email I received from George regarding the evening:

"Dear Laura,

I was transported to my boyhood imprisoned in two U.S. internment camps at that memorable evening two weekends ago at the reception for the Oregon Nikkei Endowment. Our barrack was just across the way from the mess hall at both camps. So, one of my cherished memories from those years is that of the music that wafted over on Saturday nights from the mess hall after my mother put us to bed.

The music of the 40’s that I heard from the Minidoka Swing Band sounded so familiar and sweet. That was the music of my boyhood. That was the sound that I loved. And it was brought back to me so marvelously that evening in Portland. My appreciation and gratitude goes to those talented musicians for keeping a dulcet part of a dark experience so melodically alive.

My thanks to you and the talented musicians for the great work that you are doing.

Warm regards,

George Takei"

Minidoka Swing Band

Minidoka Swing Band

Thursday, Aug 29 at 2:08 PM

From: Amy Uyeki ("Searchlight Serenade" artist) 
RE: Saturday night's premier showing of "Seachight Serenade" and dance 
TO: Laura Baxter and Larry Nobori 

Dear Larry and Laura, 

I didn't get a chance on Saturday night to tell you both how wonderfully the band played; you all sounded so tight! All my friends who came really enjoyed it and probably would have gotten out on the dance floor, but there were professionals out there! Really, we just enjoyed watching the dancers and listening to the great music.

You all sounded marvelous and I hope it met your expectations. I was so happy that Oregon Nikkei was able to combine our groups together. Thank you so much for agreeing to play for the event!

Sam took some photos, so I will post them on our website. I am currently in the process of getting ready for an exhibit, so it will take me another week or so, to get them online, but I'll email you when it's up.

Again, thank you so much for the fabulous music. My 91-year-old friend was enthralled and you brought her back to her past in a flash. 

Warmly, Amy

Monday, December 2, 2013

Questions / Comments: (from web site)

Just wanted to say that we went to our first Minidoka Swing Band performance on December 1 in Oregon City. We give the performance an A+!


Thank you,

Mel & Rose Jetter


Thank you!

MSB Musicians

Larry Nobori - Music Director & Conductor; Lead Alto Sax & Clarinet

(Current band members)

Larry Nobori - Lead Alto Saxophone
Fred Miller - Alto Saxophone
Mike Strassmaier - Tenor Saxophone
John Richardson - Tennor Saxophone
Elaine Yuzuriha - Baritone Saxophone
Todd Yuzuriha - Lead Trumpet
Al Kato - Trumpet
Karl Baxter - Trumpet
Terry Baxter - Trumpet
Eric Olson - Trombone
Todd Ouchida - Trombone
Doug Hamilton - Trombone
Morgan Dickerson - BassTrombone
Lonny Doi - Piano/Keyboard
Larry Bicknese/Paul Singer - Drums
Doug Katagiri - Guitar
Jack Vogel - Double Bass
Nola Sugai Bogle - Vocalist
Shig Sakamoto - Vocalist
Andy Streich - Vocalist 

Robbie Tsuboi - Band Founder and Creator
Marilyn Loy - Co-Founder
Laura Baxter - Band Manager
Yasuyo Kamio Strassmaier - Assistant Manager
Val Katagiri - Assistant
Bruce Brown - Photographer
Swing Dancers: The Unite People Youth Group (JACL Youth Group)

Thank you to our great musician substitutes:
Victor Sharpe - Tenor Sax
John Haftor - Saxophone
JJ Johnston - Trombone/Trumpet
Wynn Kiyama - Piano/Keyboard
Paul Singer - Drums
Bob Burgeni - Bass
Larry Bicknese - Drums
Jim Miller - Alto Sax
Nathanael Ankeny - Saxophone
Gray Rains - Trumpet
Robert Pawlowski - Trumpet
George Shinbo - Alto Saxophone  & Vocalist
Gary Irland - Trumpet
Mark Niemann-Ross - Double Bass
Ross Quenzer - Trombone
Jon Read - Trombone
Bryan Pawlowski - Trombone
Kyle Baxter - Trombone
Michael PowersTrombone
James Powers - Trombone
Tomatsu Tanabe - Piano/Keyboard
Wendy Lin - Vocalist/Sax

Past Musicians:
Kokichi Tagawa - Bass
Joy Yuzuriha - Tenor Saxophone
Rick Homer - Trumpet
Irv Peterson - Trombone
Jo Peterson - Vocalist
David Thompson - Bass
Dan Chinn - Drums
Reggie Anderson - Drums
Dean Qualls - Trombone
Rod Israeli - Bari Sax
Hikaru Okada - Piano/Keyboard
Anna Shida - Clarinet
Ken Yuzuriha - Trombone
Daniel Griffith - Alto Sax
Toyomi Yoshida - Tenor Saxophone/Piano
Eric Hiro Jordon - Tenor Saxophone
Yuki Inoue - Trombone
Ron Hylland - Trombone, Tenor Sax & Trumpet
Sammy Yoshida - drummer/2nd trumpet
Jay Lyman - Percussion
Rev. David Weekly - 3rd trumpet/ Pastor of Epworth Methodist Church

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